Review: The Shape of Design

The Shape of Design by Frank Chimero is a special book about a special group of people. Designers are often misunderstood; by our peers and ourselves. This book is an honest, careful exploration of what it means to be a designer in the 21st century when mobile, iPads, webapps and other emerging technologies rule the day.

Being a designer is not an easy job, as I’ve noted in this blog before less than 30% of designers make it longer than 5 years in the industry. Passion quickly stalls when confronted with the professional drudgery and cynicism that comes from shipping compromised projects we neither initiated or guided to a spot we were satisfied with.

The Shape of Design reminds us of the dignity of design and the importance of taking the time to carefully build something that untold humans will interact with. In our digital era the reality is we often design for a global audience, and that to me is a staggering thought.

Almost everything we interact with on a daily basis was designed by someone, and we as designers are part of this long line of craftsmen and artisans. The Shape of Design encourages us on our journey and helps us to remember the incredible privilege we share by being called to shape the world for our fellow humans.